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AdOpSys offer a wide range of services from basic and complex trafficking, training and reporting through to ad server migration, creative solutions and consultancy
Full AdOps Outsourcing - Why not let us, AdOpSys Team take care of all the AdOps process?
We will take care of creative chasing, liaising with sales. media and third party agencies. We will test and troubleshoot all creative. Upload the creative and ensure that the IO matches the media plan. We will take and send screenshots to sales or media agencies. And make sure the campaign is on target for full delivery and optimise where necessary. We will also do the reporting and send regular updates of the campaign. And we can generate ad tags too. These services are open to all online publishers, networks and media agencies too. Plus we are available 24x7

Partial AdOps Outsourcing - Same as above with partial workflow in place*
We would normally approach this as the same as above but with less responsibilities. We would also work along with your current AdOps team and help them where required. Whether they have huge amount of work to get through or have deadlines to meet. This also applies to if any of the AdOps team have holidays booked or are away from the office sick or otherwise.

Pay As U Go - This is for single requests*
This service is available for single requests. Whether they be uploading a creative, testing a creative, taking one screenshot or even troubleshooting a tag or creative.

*All the above services can be discussed, negotiated and defined as to what your current workflow or processes are.
Inventory Management
We can help you here with inventory forecasting, performance analysis and process automation. Also any discrepancies or campaigns that are under delivering we can have a look for you and put this right back on track

Creative Solutions - Digital and Print
Whether you need a basic gif/jpg creative, flash ad or you have a brief or just need creative assets for a nanosite/microsite. AdOpSys have creative designers at hand with flair and creativity just pouring out. We also cater for print and outdoor campaigns.
Billing & Reconciliation - Sleepless nights? Hate Excel sheets?
We have a dedicated resource who will be able to pull reports and insert the billing figures so the correct amount has been invoiced. The resource will work with you and your processes to ensure that the correct amount has been billed and invoiced. We can also look at account validation, other online billing and client servicing too.

Ad Server Migration - Upgrading from your legacy ad server to a new one? Not happy with your old ad server? Looking for a new ad server?Worried that all campaigns may stop serving and fall off the site?
Don't worry, AdOpSys can help you and project manage the whole process and provide full documentation. Training can also be provided to staff too.

Project Management
Project Managers are available for all Digital related projects from ad server migration to implementing third party software in to AdOps. 

We have a focused team of consultants who can develop innovative, reliable strategies to support your business.

AdOpSys can help with decision making around pricing and use of inventory, execute pricing controls and support on the implementation of a Private Exchange strategy as well as provide day to day management of partnerships with SSPs suppliers (such as Google Ad Exchange) in order to accelerate revenue growth.

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